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Palestra confirmada


Mais uma palestra confirmada para o nosso evento, que será ministrada pelo Prof. Henning Heuer e com o tema “Advancements of Ultrasound and Eddy Current NDT techniques for future industries demand”. Prof Henning Heuer atua desde 2012 como professor da Technische Universität Dresden (Alemanha), é coordenador do Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems-Materials Diagnostics (IKTS) e tem sua linha de pesquisa voltada para desenvolvimento e aplicação de técnicas não-destrutivas na inspeção de materiais e estruturas.


A palestra será apresentada em inglês.


Aproveite a ótima oportunidade para aprender um pouco mais!


Prof. Henning Heuer (Technische Universität Dresden - Alemanha)


Henning Heuer received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and microelectronics in 2005. In 2012 he became a Junior Professor for Sensor Systems for Nondestructive Testing at TU Dresden that was positive evaluated and transferred to a honorary professorship with full rights as Professor in 2018. In parallel is the head of the department of Sensors and Sensor Systems with the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems-Materials Diagnostics (IKTS), Dresden. His main interest is the development and industrialization of nondestructive inspection techniques for new generations of materials and technical structures.  With his strong background in semiconductors and their packaging and assembly technologies, his team developed new generation of eddy current and ultrasonic inspection systems for new technical structures and materials such as CFRPs, thins films and battery components. In 2011 together with his students he founded the company SURAGUS GmbH where now 35 engineers transferring high frequency eddy current instruments from academia to industrial applications.















Comissão organizadora 
7ª Semana Metalmat e Painel PEMM 2021
Prof. João Marcos Alcoforado Rebello

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